Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel - Journeying the Native American Medicine Wheel

The Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel is an ancient Native American tool that helps you learn your life's purpose, while journeying through the seasons of life with the four directions.

The Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel speaks to you from your heart, leads you to know your truth, and helps you focus on your own path to fulfillment and inner peace.

If you desire a deeper understanding of your life and your role as a human in the 21st century, the Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel will inspire you, ground you, uplift you, and guide you to be a person of courage and inner strength.

The Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel will open you up to another part of yourself. 


The Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel experience includes the ritual of walking the medicine wheel and entering the Native American world of tradition.

You will discover your birth moon, your animal totem, and learn how your spirit keepers can lead you to your spirit pathway of harmony, balance and direction.

Your journey to and through the Sacred Tree Medicine Wheel will present you a vision of where you are in your life and the areas you need to develop to achieve your true potential.

Life is that movement of coming and going. Life is a process of continual change. Change is the only aspect of life that is constant.  Nothing is ever final.  Every end is but another beginning--another turn of the wheel.

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